Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kathryn Update

  • New teeth coming in. Katy's been biting and chewing on everything for about 10 days now. Her top gums are swollen, but no teeth yet.
  • She is getting REALLY fast at the crawling thing. This morning she followed me from the front room, to her bedroom, to the bathroom and then into my bedroom. When she wants something she just takes off for it.
  • She is saying more words everyday.
  • Mamma
  • Dadda
  • Bompa (grandpa)
  • uh-oh
  • hello
  • ball
  • She is also trying to sing and I think she might be good at it. I will hum, or sing 4 notes and she will try to do it after me. She even changes her tone and note she's singing. I love listening to her little voice, it's so cute.
  • She is really starting to recognize people and if she doesn't know you, she might not come to you. It used to be that she would go to anyone and be just fine.
  • She is laughing more and giggling. She also fake coughs which is a riot to listen to. She will "cough" so hard that she will start to really choke, then her eyes get all big and she laughs at herself.
  • She is noticing more of the world around her. About 2 weeks ago I noticed she was putting things up to her ears and then looking at me. I thought "is she talking on the phone?" Sure enough that is what she is doing. So now we sit across the room from each other and play phone, each with our hand on our ear.
  • She is becoming very attached to her fleece blanket. She always liked it and we have a ton of them, but now she gets angry if I have it. This morning I was laying on the floor with it under my head and she comes booking over and starts tugging on it. When I wouldn't just give it up and told her to share she layed next to me with her head on part of the blanket. As soon as I wasn't looking though, she was pulling it away to have for herself.
  • She is starting to get quite the temper. Oh my heck now I see why so many kids are spoiled. It sure would be easier to give into her yelling and screaming than listen to it sometimes.
  • She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Especially from her dad and Grandparents. All she has to do is a little fake "boo hoo, look how sad I am" and she gets picked up right away.
~Her birthday is getting closer and closer each day. We have been talking about a party, but I really don't think it's necessary. It's not like she is going to remember it or anything. I want just close family and friends over, but my MIL is about to have kittens and thinks is should be this enormous thing. I don't know how I feel about it yet. That update will have to follow later. I'm tired and need to get to bed. I've got to be to the office early tomorrow and still have to do laundry and get all packed tomorrow night for the weekend.


Jay said...

It's amazing how quickly kids at that age will change - literally, every day can bring growth. It's mind blowing what's going on inside them.

Trish said...

Aww.. I miss having a wee one sometimes. :) I mean, teenage boys go through a lot of changes quickly, too... but most of 'em, I really don't wanna know about. LOL

If MIL wants a huge thing, let her have one. Tell her to book a hall, find the other 1 yr olds to come, hire a clown, get a designer cake, rent the pony rides and hire a photographer. Tell her to let you know when the party is, and if you have that date available, you'll come. ;P

Great Day said...

~miss - You're so right even this morning she was doing something and I was thinking "has she done that before?"

~Trish - you OF course are right. She can do whatever she wants. The problem is that she only wants HER family to come and won't invite mine. In no way will I stand for that. Thanks for the laugh, I was picturing tons of little kids running away from the clown!!