Thursday, May 11, 2006

I've never been so insulted


Trish said...

I'm hitler, apparently.

"You are paranoid, but killing all your enemies does help to relieve anxiety. You tend to see threats everywhere and always focus on worst case scenarios."

Erm.. yeah.. Obviously, they have never read my blog! LOL

Great Day said...

I think I'd rather be hitler than Saddam. I don't know though, I'm of German descent so that's a tough one. LOL

Gabrielle said...

lol i think i got hitler when i took this test... thanks for visiting my t13 :)

Cassi said...

Hey I'm Gandhi,
You are an emaciated do gooder, morals matter to you and you like to lead by example. Perfection is important to you
You think that describes me at all?

Great Day said...

Great, so my sister is all peacful, out saving the world, while I'm an evil dictator trying to ruin it.

See we truly are different.