Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunday Visitations

So I ended up not going to see John's family yesterday. My nephews had an ordination thing at church that I wanted to show my support at. Then afterward we stayed for part of church and then went back to my brothers house for a BBQ. By the time that was all over and done with it was too late for me to drive all the way out to his parents house. The day was great, I really enjoyed getting to see everyone. We don't get to visit my brothers family very often. Part of that is we don't get invited very often and the other part is because he is such a drunken ass that I don't like to be over there much. Yesterday however my brother was actually pleasant to be around. He even apologized for never coming to see our house and being such a crappy brother. That was weird, but really meant a lot. It was nice to hear him be somewhat humbled and realize that he has made mistakes. He was also really cute with Katy which was also funny. At Christmas he wouldn't even hold her, because he "might break her." Not yesterday though, he was playing with her and kept wanting to hold her. In fact he was being a bit of a baby hog, but that's okay. The only negative thing about yesterday is that once again, I'm in trouble with John's family. I guess I better back up a bit first. John went up to his parents house in the early afternoon and I was supposed to be up there later to see everyone. Well like I said I didn't make it up there. Now I'm in trouble, because his sister didn't get to see Kathryn and really wanted to. I don't know what the big deal is, she just saw her 2 weeks ago and will get to see her again soon. Also his mom was really looking forward to seeing her. I really get sick of all the drama with them. Instead of being understanding that I don't see my brother's family very often, they freak out and get mad about it. I love my in laws, but that is the one thing that just about drives me up a wall. Plus next weekend my sister is going to be here, and we are all going to see Great Grandma. Since it's Mothers Day I'm going to spend the day with my mom and Grandma and John is going to spend the day with his mom and is going to take the baby with him that day. It's something that will be easier on all of us. So his mom will get to have Katy all next weekend, AND his mom is watching Katy today, so I don't know what the big deal is. The most annoying thing is that the next time I see them, it will be no big deal and no one will ever say anything to me about it. They will just bitch to John behind my back instead. The joys of intergrating families!!

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