Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mothers Day

It will be here in a few short weeks. I'm kind of excited because this is the first mothers day that I will be a mother. I'm also excited because my sister is coming to visit and we'll get to hang out. This is the first time she has ever come without her husband. In a way it will be kind of nice. My husband will be doing stuff with his mom and he is going to take the baby, so it will be just us girls (my mom, my sis and me.) That's how it always used to be growing up, just us girls. My dad worked funny hours and isn't exactly a "social butterfly" if you know what I mean. My mom took us on lots of fun trips and adventures. At the time I complained a lot, but it was always fun and we've had some really good times. Hopefully we can do something out of the ordinary that weekend she is here. We will be going to spend some time with Great Grandma that weekend, but I want it to be fun. I'm getting a bit depressed with all this sad stuff going on. We all know that grandma isn't going to make it much longer, but we all know that we'll be in heaven again some day. Also grandma herself said she is grateful that it won't be drug out forever. She is in a lot of pain and it will be better for her to go faster, than slower. As much as this breaks my heart, I know how things are and have always been one to look ahead to better times. I also have 100% faith that this will end on God's terms. He know how much longer she needs to be here and she won't leave a moment earlier. She is content with things and ready to move on I think. She has lived a long time without Grampa and I know she is ready to see him again and I know he will be waiting for her.

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